Mint Nails & Mint Bracelet

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Hello lovely readers!!! I was supposed to post about my nails the other day, unfortunately, our wireless router got jammed </3 And now, I'm stuck with Dad's sloooooooow pocket wifi. Anyways, I should be thankful that we still have internet at home even though it's slow. 

When I did my nails, I was having migraines because of my weird sleeping patterns. I sleep by 11pm, I wake up at 6am, I sleep at 8am and wake up again at 12pm. I'm such a lazy-ass sloth. Hahaha. I really don't have inspiration for my nails, so I just created simple streaks and followed the line streaks with dots. And also, I made a mint loom-band-bracelet. Please bear with my mint addiction.

Here's the bracelet I made out of loom bands. It's reversible. At side A, I mixed shades of blue and green and at side B, I made a combination of mint green and white.
Excuse my dotted hand since I usually use my hand as my palette in doing nail art

Dear followers, I would love to inform you that my page has 288 subscribers already. Yay! 12 to go and I'll be hosting a giveaway with 3 winners. So keep on subscribing loves! Aaaaaaand, tomorrow's my birthday! I'm turning 17. Since I already had a beerday party at my house last week, I planned a simple celebration with my best friends since my family will be out of the city tomorrow to visit the funeral of my great grandmom. I mean, I don't want to mourn all day on my birthday. So yeah, I'll go to the funeral of my grandmother the day after my birthday. And my great grandmother's birthday is the day after my birthday, so my timing is just perf.

Thank you for reading loves! What do you think of my nails and my hand-made loom bracelet? Comment below! And if you're a new visitor of my blog and you love my blog! Go and click FOLLOW at the right-hand corner of this blog. ♥

Tootsie Jean ♥

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  1. Wow! Its so lovely Tootsie! I love how your nail color matches your bracelet! They look so cute!!!!

    love lots,

  2. Lovely nail color. Mint is definitely the "it" color. Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? If interested, please let me know.


  3. Cute nail art and bracelet :) Hello Dear!I really like you blog I'm a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin and I'd love it if you followed back :) Looking forward to future posts!

  4. hey doll! love the nails and your bracelet! I just started making jewelry too - it's so fun! thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I am following you now! Have a great day xoxo

  5. love mint nails :)
    xo jac

  6. I like your mint nails and can totally understand the addiction with this colour ;)
    Thanks for your visit and I'm following back. Keep in touch. xx Maja

  7. Mint nails, I think, isn't easy to pull off! You have nice nails, and what you did looks really pretty!

    I've been seeing rainbow looms everywhere! Too cute. :)

    I followed you, btw. I hope you can follow me back, too.


  8. love your nails! i really need to get my nails done! xx

  9. Beautiful proposal !!
    I'm followind you now via GFC !


  10. lovely nail art! love the mint.

  11. A simple yet very beautiful mani and that bracelet is very cute. Yesterday my little girl received one from Gran Canaria - Spain as a gift. It was made in the colors of the Canaries flag, my daughter loved it! Your very talented that you could made it yourself!