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Hello readers! This week was extra fun for me?! Why? Because it's my birth week. I know it's weird but I usually celebrate my birthday the whole week. My exact birthday was last May 29 and during that day, I was supposed to go to my great grandmother's funeral, but I don't want to mourn on my birthday okay. My Dad and my sister went to Pozorrubio, Pangasinan for my grandmom, while I stayed here in Baguio City to celebrate it with my best friends. I was fortunate that two of my best friends who already stay in another city for college, went here in my city and my birthday went pretty well because I spent time with the people I want to be with. ♥

Here was my OOTD. The photos were taken in Breadtalk while waiting for Nikki hahaha

These are my bestest friends since high school. (from left to right) Chy, Joyce, Anj and Joa

I got bored at Breadtalk so I met with my sister because she wants a frappe. So we went to Starbucks and I treated her a green tea cream frappe. At the same time, I loaded my Starbucks card and claimed my free cake and crew sang happy birthday to me :">

After that, my besties and I went to Moonleaf at Techno Hub, Camp John Hay. It was really cozy there and it used to be our favorite chill spot. So we were so hyped when I suggested to go to Moonleaf.

After chilling at Moonleaf, we ate again at SM. I felt like eating a lot since it was my day and I really don't limit myself from food anymore since I'm happy with my body and I will always be sexy even if I gain a hundred of pounds. Hahaha. We went to Tokyo Tokyo and ate there and after that, my Mom and younger sister met up with me again and they took me to Max's. The crew danced for me and gave me a cake with ice cream on top. And after hitting Max's. My Mom took me to Celine. I wasn't in the mood to shop since I was really tired and I wanted to go home. So I just grabbed the first bag that I like and handed it to the saleslady that was assisting my Mom since she was shopping for loads of clothes again HAHAHAHA. 

Here are the gifts I received: J.Co donuts from Joa and Pidz
The Celine bag from my Mom. It's perfect and it's even my fave color!

 After that, I received a birthday greeting from my best friend, Chy. It was on her Tumblr blog and she posted pictures during the house party I had last May 23 where my Dad really got loads of beer for my party. Yay! And during that day, my parents finally met my boyfriend
Here are the photos taken by Chy in close up:

I'm glad that I had a blast on my celebrations! And yay! I'm gaining weight because of the whole-week-celebrations and endless parties that are held at home since my grandparents from U.S. are here in the Philippines again. Yay! So yeah, time to diet tomorrow hahaha

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  1. glad you had a fun celebration <3 belated happy bday

  2. You look lovely Jean! Happy,happy birthday! I'm glad you had a very wonderful birthday celebration <3 best wishes for the years to come!~

    love lots,

  3. Happy birthday! That dress looks divine on you! Love your statement necklace too.

  4. I also celebrate the whole week! Hope
    Your lovely week continues on!
    Fun pictures:)

  5. Belated Happy Birthday!! Ang ganda naman ng outfit mo here. Love the red blazer and that statement necklace!

  6. Happy belated birthday... you look cute!

  7. Hi dear, I nominated you for the
    Sunshine Blog Award
    here is the link to my post:

    Ms. Kei

  8. I love your outfit! Belated happy birthday! x Hope you had a good one! x

  9. Belated Happy Birthday! You look so pretty!!! Enjoy being 17, it's a great age! teehee ^^

  10. Love your Pictures Ate !! the quality is just perfect !! Belated Happy birthday :) IM YOUR 300TH FOLLOWER :-)

    -Corinne Molly