20 Things Teenage Life Taught Me

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Tomorrow, I’ll be turning 20 and I can`t help but to reflect on my teenage years. Oh those good youthful years I spent living without regrets; living AS IF THERE IS NO TOMORROW. 
I remember when I was 15, I made a decision to do whatever I wanted because there’s so much room for good days and making mistakes. If only my fifteen year old self can see me, she would be so proud and pained. Proud that I was able to live, and pained for all the consequences I had to face.
I made a million questionable decisions that I cannot even answer myself, but those silly decisions I made as teen meld me to who I am right now– strong, wise, carefree, and confidently beautiful.
I’ll be turning 20 and I would constantly live as if there is no tomorrow, but this time, I’ll live with better judgment. I may not be the wisest person you’ll ever meet, but I would love to share you 20 things my deviant teenage life taught me.

20 Things Teenage Life Taught Me
1. Life gets so unexpected. One day, you’re having the best of times, the other day, you’re having the worst, and the funny part: you don’t even know why. Never blame yourself for it, just be strong and hold your strong principles.
2. People will always have something to say in every thing you do. You might as well do something you love rather than being afraid of judgment.
3. True love is patient. If a time comes where you feel as if love’s not taking you anywhere, or no love is coming at all, just be patient. Great things take time. (Taking this from a personal experience since I stayed single for a year and rejected dozens of guys before finding my love.)
4. Never ever base your validation on the number of likes you get, the number of followers you have or whatever social media numbers give you. You are valuable and beautiful even without those numbers.
5. You can still have a good time without alcohol... but a little vodka would be nice.
6. You can have countless friends, but only a few are worth keeping. 
7. When a bad day turns to a bad week, or a bad week turns into a bad month, or a bad month turns into several bad months (hopefully not a bad year,) always remember that it does not always mean a bad life. If that’s the case, it is life’s way of telling you to see the beauty in the worst scenarios.
8. Nobody is ever too old for anything.
9. Love yourself. When you accept every bit of flaw you have, no one can break you apart. 
10. Prioritize your studies. Even when getting a degree gets so hard, strive for it. You’ll thank yourself later.
11. Be kind to everyone. Nothing can be more beautiful than a good heart.
12. Work hard for yourself. As long as you have passion, faith, patience, and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in this world
13. Time spent with family is as precious as diamonds. Diving into your 20s means independence to chase your dream, find yourself, and eventually, move out. When that time comes, I want to be able to look back and tell stories about how happy I was living with my family.
14. Making peace with your parents will be the best decision you’ll ever make. No parent is perfect but every parent holds a strong capability of love to their child. We may not reciprocate the love they gave to us (yet,) but every parent deserves a good loving relationship with their child.
15. Know when to hold your pride, but never let it be bigger than your heart.
16. Act smart. ‘Intelligence is a way of acting. If you act intelligently, you are smart regardless of your IQ’ —Brian Tracy
17. Personality will always be bigger than intelligence and hardwork. You can’t go anywhere with a crappy personality.
18. Always do good and trust God with your whole heart. Philippians 4:13
19. Spend youth happily, but spend it with control. After all, you’ll never be younger than you are at this very moment.
20. I’m in the midst of not being too young, nor too old, and I haven’t figured it all out. And that’s fine. The journey of it will all be so fun.

To the young millennial who read this whole article, I hope I have imparted some wisdom and may you carry a few in your heart. To the rest, I want you to know that I’m still badass but I still have a good heart. Cheers to the gift of life, but most of all, to all bright things coming to my young adulthood.

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  1. Life is so unexpected indeed and I actually realized this at early 20s because I went through a quarter life crisis: http://www.raellarina.net/2017/04/how-to-deal-with-quarter-life-crisis.html

    I'm glad you realized this earlier than i did though because hopefully, you'll get to live yours sooo much better and happier because you'll be prepared at what live throws at you. and by prepared, i mean you'll be ready for whatever life throws at you. :)

    Life is wonderful and i'm actually very grateful with how interesting mine is. i hope you are too!

    Have a wonderful Friday :D

    xoxo, rae

    1. Thank you, Rae. I'm glad that I read your article right before I face the quarter life. I'm pretty excited on what life will throw at me since I experienced teenage life the harsh but fun way. :)

  2. Wow I wish I had this kind of insight at your age. I don't think I found true clarity until right before my mid twenties. I do look back at that those years and wish I could repeat them all again. There's a lot of moments I'm not proud of and a lot of regrets too.