REVIEW: Glam Works Permanent Hair Dye Color Review

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Changing hair color has always felt like a fresh makeover. In my case, I used to be addicted to dying my hair. But now I've gone from blonde to black, I wanted to achieve that ultra jet black tone. I was only browsing Watson's shelves filled with brown-blonde shades, then suddenly, a black hair dye caught my attention. And the interesting part--- it's a permanent hair dye shampoo.

I even double checked the label that says "Permanent." A hair dye shampoo means that I won't suffer from hair dye fumes and dry hair. Visualizing the benefits it can do to my hair felt like a win-win situation. So I immediately bought it for less than P50. Out of my excitement, I immediately tried the product the next day.

GlamWorks claims that their Permanent Hair Dye Color is made out of herbal essences, can change the hair color in one wash, and can last up to 8 weeks.

The packaging is very convenient and informative with complete visuals. The wallet-size package contains the hair dye color in a sachet and a pair of plastic gloves.
Yup, you read the instructions right, you only need to keep the hair color on your hair for 20 to 25 minutes.
I followed the instructions precisely to see if it really will dye my hair in just a short period of time.

The Verdict: IT WORKS! It intensified my hair color.

Before (above photo,) my black hair still had hints of brown especially under sunlight. After (below photo) coloring my hair with GlamWorks, my hair is evidently jet black and I so love it.

hints of brown are still visible and my hair has a light undertone
the hints of brown are barely noticeable and my hair now has a dark undertone

Packaging: The packaging is very convenient that it was used effectively with all the instructions written inside it.
Price: Very affordable.You can buy it for less than P50
Scent: It actually smells pleasant unlike the strong chemical smell other hair dyes have
Texture: Just like what I expected, the texture was just like smooth shampoo, only with less bubbles.
Feeling: It didn’t sting and it did not feel warm on the head during the application. After the application, my hair was soft and straighter.
Does it work?: IT DOES! I expected that this product will make my dark hair darker and it passed my expectations.
Will I buy again? Yes.
How long did it last?: After three weeks, I noticed that my brown tones were visible again. Although the color faded, it still maintained its dark undertone.
Final Thoughts: GlamWorks Permanent Hair Dye is perfect for those who want to dye their hair in a convenient way. In my case, this product evened out the tones of my faded black hair. If you want to retouch your roots or bring back the vibrant color of your hair, you can opt for this since it’s cheap and comes in small quantity.

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  1. This sounds perfect for a quick touch up, you can definitely see the difference! xx


    1. Thanks Beth! It definitely did wonders to my faded black hair :)

  2. Such a lovely review, your hair looks beautiful! Your blog is so darling and adorable too, I love it! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  3. Colour looks fab on you, so healthy and SO shiny! x

    Sick Chick Chic