Style File #1: Coat Season

by - 8:32 AM

Living in the mountains of a tropical area means having the privilege of enjoying a sunny but cool climate. I live in Baguio City. You know a Baguio person with just the way they dress with an outfit flexible for any type of weather.

In my case, I wore a sleeveless chiffon blouse underneath a nude coat. I guess I utilized my outfit since I wore this on the day I went out with close friends from afternoon till night. I get to chill around on the warm afternoon with a light chiffon top, and enjoy the breeze on the cold night with my coat. I'm all about monochromes and I think I won't ever move on with my style.

Porta Vaga's photo exhibit

When cold nights and city lights match perfectly

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  1. You look beautiful babe and I love that jacket! Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great day so far!



  2. Great outfit and photos. I love the landscape.
    A sweet kiss
    Sara M.

  3. Great photos.

  4. You look so cool! And your city looks beautiful too, I'd love to explore it!

    Sinéad ♥ Fabuleuse Du Jour

  5. Love what you're wearing. Casual, cool, and chic. I miss Baguio na! Can't wait to go back there soon to buy coffee. xD