Current Favorites (February 2017)

by - 3:34 PM

I barely obsess over things, but when I do, I overly obsess. Here are my current favorites for the month of February:
1. Christian Siriano Axiom Buckle Flats
I’ve been planning to buy dressy flats since December 2016. But because I’m a wise spender, I always prolong spending. I was with my best friend when I saw this pair and I fell in love with it. It took me 30 minutes to decide in buying it. My best friend even convinced me that buying it wouldn’t count as an impulse buy, rather, an investment. I think she’s right, I’m utilizing it pretty well since it looks nice in both casual and corporate attires.
2. Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub
I’m not a fan of lip scrubs but this lip scrub was THE BOMB. This product is the reason why I scrub my lips now. It’s just so easy to use. You only scrub it on your lips directly, lick off the excess (it’s vegan and it’s sweet,) and you get pinkish lips. No need for lip tint.
3. Kylie Kristen Lip Kit
I honestly do not like nude and pink shades. I just feel less pretty on those shades. It’s the first time that I fell in love with a pinkish nude shade. I guess it’s just a matter of finding the perfect shade for my skin tone. 
4. Urban Flora by Alina Baraz and Galimatias
This album is my go-to playlist. Every single song is just so sexy, chill and smooth. If you’re into underground, chill, pseudo-EDM music, YOU BETTER LISTEN TO THIS. It’s like my soul all in one album. 
5. MAC Masterclass Oval 6 Brush
It blends makeup really well. I swear any makeup application with this brush will look natural and on point. Best one I had so far.
6. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy
To every busy gal who can’t go to a nail salon because of a tight schedule, this one’s for you. It’s easy to apply, the polish is really thick, it dries up quickly, it stays for a long time, you save up cash (costs only 375 php per bottle compared to 500 php PER APPLICATION in nail salons,) and you end up with a flaunt-worthy gel-polished nails. Absolutely a win-win situation.

Like my favorites? Are some of my favorites, your favorites too? Or do you have better favorites? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. I've never used a lip scrub before, but it seems like a fun thing to try out! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Ahhhh! I love, love, LOVE URBAN FLORA! Favorite EP of 2016! :)


  3. Thanks for sharing!! Love reading your favourites :)

  4. great post :)
    have a nice weekend! :)