Back-to-School Resolution

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Last semester was the worst I had since I took a full load of 29 units, almost all my nine subjects had heavy requirements, and 3 of my subjects were hard Math and analytic subjects. My family was a little bit disappointed since they were really expecting a lot from me. I didn't mean to disappoint them, but college can be really hard sometimes. I got very grades on 70% of my subjects and fair grades on 30% of them. It's not that bad, but being judged by well-educated and smart parents feels really bad so I created my resolution

Before starting my short resolution, I want to share what I wore on the first day of short term. I pulled an all-black outfit with gold details because the black game is forever strong!


My Back-to-School Resolution

1. Never EVER skip class.
The biggest mistakes in my college life often roots from skipping classes. I get really lazy often times and cutting classes can be sometimes fun. But it's not fun anymore when it affects my grades. This was also one of my mistakes last semester until I realized that every single day in college life is really important because missing a day means missing a huge chunk of the whole lecture.

2. Do every single requirement.
Even that reading requirement counts! It's not just the graded activities, but the bulk of the lessons usually comes from reading materials. I will also read in advance because I know that I will thank myself soon.

3. Be organized
My notes are a huge mess! I write notes from different subjects in one notebook because I'm stubborn like that. But this time, I'm going to divide my notebook into three (because I'm only enrolled in three subjects) so it won't get mixed.

4. Review very well.
I usually scan my notes right before a quiz because I don't review at home and I have photographic memory (Yay me!). But what if I also review well at home? I can do better. I do good in school without reviewing and I CAN BE THE BEST IF I REVIEW.

5. Aim for 100
The greatest disappointment of my father and my grandfather is that I didn't make it in the Dean's List. I'm like "so what if I didn't make it in the Dean's List. At least I passed all my subjects especially the hard ones when 90% of the class was failing." But I just can't take the peer pressure anymore. I also want to see good things in my transcript so that one day, I can boast it to my sons and daughters like my Dad does. Hahaha!

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  2. Great resolutions! It's definitely important to stay on top of your studies and be organized!


  3. You gave really useful tips here, dear :)

  4. Hi! finally can visit your blogs, btw, thanks for visit mine blog. :) i love your post about this. college can be sometimes hard but especially the exam things. bt as long you do your best. i sure you will get a great result. :) following you now. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome resolutions! And black is always best, haha.

  7. Aww, this is such a beautiful post! I love your resolutions, it's amazing. I have to do this...I'm still in school...haha <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  8. lovely post :)

  9. lovely post :)

  10. Good tips and your boots are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
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  11. Awesome resolutions, and awesome-r look! :D

  12. Nice necklace :)


  13. awesome resolutions! Skipping classes was one of my weakness haha

  14. Great post! Love your Blog :)
    Hope you will visit me too.
    Greetings from Pakistan.
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