Driving to L.A. (03.27.13)

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It's been a very long time since the last time I blogged. =O But hey, I'm back. Little Miss Brightside is on again :D

School's out. Summer's in. And yes, like what I said before, I had my vacation in US. Unfortunately, I didn't blog about it earlier due to unstable connection. So here I am, blogging about my stay in U.S. I planned to post daily about my previous days in U.S.

omg. and btw, I almost forgot about my usual good news-bad news portion in every post

I finally own my dream camera. It's a Nikon J1, a compact SLR. It's a true beauty :> AND I GOT 2 LENSES. 10-30mm and the other one's 100-300mm for long distances.

Soooo.... Day 1 (last March 27) was boring since we arrived at San Francisco at night and drove to San Jose. The next day, we had to wake up so early. I got so jet lagged :3 I did not sleep well but my sister and I managed to stay pretty with our brown hair =D

I got so bored during the road trip since everyone's sleeping and I can't catch my sleep. Here's the result of my boredom. How'd you rate it?

When we arrived at my grandparents' house. They called Domino's and ordered 3 pizzas. I vowed myself to trash my diet during vacations. So there, I guiltlessly enjoyed eating pizza :D

Here's my family aaaand food

 My aunts and grandparents gave my the best gifts ever.
a tinted lip balm
 a travel tag
in my mind, I was like "what will I do with 500 bucks? -sky is the limit, bitch spend it !"

At night, when I woke up, we the gate of Disneyland. And we were entering a hotel's gate. I was like, "wait....what? our hotel's next to Disneyland. omgthisisawesome". We stayed at Anaheim Desert Inn. It was greaaaaat. I fell down a comfy bed and I immediately fell asleep :)

So that's my day 1. Tomorrow, I shall post about day 2.

It's the 12th of April today.... and I'm gonna go back to Philippines tonight
Means more blogging and I'm gonna be with my friends again. btw, I'm creating a new blog about fitness since I gained some weight and I'm gonna record about my fitness progress. I'll tell the URL when I finish customizing it :)

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  1. I got the same camera for Christmas! I love it! How do you like yours? Was it good for your Disney trip? I came across your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit me at : the daily savant : and (if you like) follow with GFC and Blog Lovin'!

    : signe